In the over ten years of providing design and construction services in the Twin City area, John has touched nearly every aspect of building and concept work. Below is a sampling of properties John has worked on.

upstairs addition, bedroom, full bath

Peter and Ellen's home:

The desire of more space for expanding needs and keeping a stylistic character and warmth reflective of the period the house was built, prompted an upstairs addition. Included were three bedrooms, a full bath, storage area and… charm.

master bedroom

Marty and Ross's addition:

A small dormer was replaced with a master bedroom, bath, sunroom and storage. A low profile without sacrificing space was wanted with an emphasis on light and an appealing floor plan.

remodeled living room, stairs and porch

Mike and Amy's remodel:

Significantly increasing the size of the master suite, remodeling the living room and stair system, and adding a screened-in porch created a harmony of new spaces. Orfield Construction previously built a back addition for the home.

remodeled kitchen

Tom and Cara's kitchen and 3 story addition:

Like a cozy pair of slippers, this redo of the kitchen was the footing for a three-story addition. The kitchen was expanded with up to date flooring, cabinets and appliances. Bright, functional and cozy. The perfect companion to a plate of brownies.

remodeled kitchen and additional bathroom

Brian and Emily's kitchen:

Updating and gaining more space, more efficient access and use to the kitchen, and keeping a tie-in with character and warmth of the house was all that was needed to create this magnet for a gathering spot. A bathroom was also added off the kitchen.

remodeled kitchen

Bill's kitchen:

After seeing the result of his daughter Emily's kitchen (above), Bill hired Orfield Construction to do his kitchen. Keeping the existing footprint, the new kitchen was updated by opening it up to an outer room creating more counter space and light. A bright idea.

remodeled bathroom

Naomi and Steve's bathroom:

This small bathroom was updated creatively to provide more space and functionality. A recess for the pedestal sink was an accent that mirrored the sensitivity applied to the whole project.

remodeled bathroom

Karl and Pam's bathroom:

More efficient functionality, a new shower, and additions of Corian accents all combined to conclude a sparkling successful project.

addition, master suite and bathroom

Marty and Ross's addition:

Unique with its vaulted ceiling, without compromising the roofline, the master suite, full bath and bright sunroom create a peaceful retreat.